Welcome to the Poulet Rouge

Hello chicken lovers! Welcome to the Poulet Rouge, Boulder’s own first Peep Show and Eggery (eggs not for sale).

I have been keeping chickens for over three years in a co-op with my wonderful neighbors.

The “working girls” as I like to call them live in a deluxe coop in my neighbor’s yard where we collectively care for our lovely layers.

I didn’t know a thing about Silkie chickens when we set out to raise our first flock but were given three chicks in our first batch of day-olds.

They grew up to be so fucking cute that I simply had to show them off to the world.

I made this chicken tractor, AKA the Coop Du Jour, to give the little ladies a change of scenery from the permanent coop.

They quickly became a neighborhood sensation with pre-schools, parents, and visitors stopping by to check out the girls.

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The CDJ was a lovely little coop but far from predator proof which meant I had to move the ladies to and from their permanent coop each morning and night. As a result, it didn’t happen as often as it should.

After three years I decided to upgrade the CDJ into what is now known as the Poulet Rouge.

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You can visit the Poulet Rouge on 17th and Pine Street (on the 17th), take a load off and enjoy a book from our Little Free Library.


If you take a picture you would like posted on this site, just hashtag it #thepouletrouge and I’ll mine Instagram for photos.

Have a beautiful day.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Poulet Rouge

  1. Hey fellow silkie neighbor! We’re two silkies chicks that landed over at 22nd in spring, but one of us turned out to be a male. So I was wondering if you might know: if I’m a male silkie and can’t stay due to sexist and human-biased city codes, is there a farm or something like that where I can go and request asylum?
    Puffy & Lady Tender (and their masters Rune & Leah)


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